Can I download my W-2?
You can download your W-2 directly from within ADP by logging in and then going to MYSELF –> PAY –> W-2/1099’s then select YEAR to download.


Can I get my W-2 from CU?
Cuisine Unlimited does not receive or maintain a copy of your W-2.  It can only be retrieved it from your ADP account.

I am not a current employee, can I still use ADP?
Yes, you will have access to ADP for up to three years after you terminate your employment.

I don’t remember my username or password, what should I do?
Use the forgot username/password from the login screen.  See forgot User ID/Password.

I Google ADP but I can not get in?
DO NOT Google ADP as you will not find the proper screen.  Use this LINK and your screen should look like the one in the photo above.

When will my W-2 be available on ADP?
Legally, the payroll company has until January 31st.  If you do not see it by then, we need to make a call to ADP.  Otherwise, keep checking back with ADP.