The Aline Card by ADPSM is a pay card that makes every payday a faster, easier experience for you. Your employer offered the Aline Card as an option for how you get paid (instead of a paycheck). When you opt in, you’ll receive your personalized Aline Card in the mail. All you have to do is activate the card and you can begin using it right away. Besides being a better way to receive your pay, the Aline Card also gives you more options for managing your money and simplifying your life. Get your pay instantly on payday

If you choose the Aline Card, your pay will be direct deposited electronically onto your card by your employer every payday, so it’s instantly available to you on that day. That means, for example, that you can withdraw money surcharge-free from an ATM on payday.

Save time and cut out hassles. Since your money is deposited directly onto your Aline Card, you don’t have to come into work to pick up your
paycheck when you’re sick, on vacation or taking a day off.
Plus you can:
  • Pay bills online or by phone, which means you don’t have to stand in line and pay bills in person
  • Make purchases at millions of locations worldwide wherever Visa Prepaid cards are accepted
  • Get cash back at the register at many retail locations
  • Pay by check with Aline Check by ADPSM where cards are not accepted
  • Access cash at over 60,000 ATMs, including Allpoint, MoneyPass, PNC Bank locations nationwide*


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